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Reduce Your Risk of Oxidative Damage
Powerful Cell Protection for: Brain, Heart, Breast, Colon, Liver, and Prostate.
CuraMed Plus Clinical OPC features 3 full-strength ingredients with proven absorption and efficacy:
Clinically Studied Curcumin—has over 60 published studies showing benefits for cellular health, including the prostate and colon
OPC French Grape Seed Extract­ VX1®—contains low molecular weight, tannin-free OPCs for high absorbability
Turmerones from Turmeric Oil—turmerones (standardized to 60%); provide beneficial compounds for cellular health not found in standard curcumin or turmeric

This effective formula provides the targeted cellular protection you need to support healthy aging and reduce the risk of oxidative damage. It’s the right choice to promote overall well-being, every day.

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