At Langlois’ Vital Nutrition Center we use many cost effective strategies in our Nutrition Consultation Services to educate our clients to live a life of great health through food, supplements, and detoxification. We find the best success with our clients who are committed to bettering their health through the methods below.

  1. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – We work with Analytical Research Labs to provide a personalized mineral-based program. Hair sampling is simple and non-invasive making it a cost-effective, accurate reading of minerals and toxic metals at a cellular level. We often see clients with “normal bloodwork” having many symptoms and health issues that can be addressed at a cellular level through proper nourishment and detoxification.


  1. Nutrition Response Testing / Muscle Testing – Muscle testing is a non-invasive method of testing the body for areas of weakness. Note that weak points on the body are not a diagnosis of disease or condition but rather a lack of “energy” and need. The areas of weakness may have needs of nourishment, repair, or detoxification to strengthen. This method of testing in our office helps promote a personalized nutrition program by allowing our nutritionists to utilize food and supplements to strengthen these areas.


  1. Asyra Biofeedback Testing – Another non-invasive tool we use in our office is the Asyra. The Asyra is a “new school” method of muscle testing that uses your personal energy to test the body for weakness. By using the Asyra, we are able to run a large number of tests in just minutes to help build a picture of your personal needs. This method of testing allows our nutritionists to help balance the body through food and supplementation.


  1. Food Coaching – Arguably the most important part of our consultation services is food coaching. Without monitoring and making better food choices, we won’t see sustainable results. We require all clients to provide Food Journals for review to teach YOU how to have control and impact your health. Rather than telling you WHAT to do, we TEACH you how to gradually make healthier choices that will better your life into the future.